Claudia & Chris Raiti, owners of Wide Open Throttle

About Wide Open Throttle: 


You may remember us as Greenrock Performance.  Now Wide Open Throttle, our small, friendly team takes pride in work conducted and we stand by all of our work. We treat your ride as if it were our own and we know that one size does not fit all.  Also, we respect the fact that your bike is an extension of your personality and your favorite form of transport. We will do whatever it takes to keep you safe and help you enjoy your ride even more than when the bike was new.

Come on in and get to know our team; find out what how we can make your motorcycle all that you dreamed it could be.  We love working on bikes and we are honored by each and every customer that entrusts us with their motorcycles.  No job is too big or too small.  At Wide Open Throttle, we can handle it all!

Veteran Owned and Operated

Wide Open Throttle is a Veteran owned business. Chris served 25 years of active duty in the Army.  He served seven overseas tours including two year-long tours in Afghanistan.  Chris retired at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 4.  Army warrant officers are known for their attention to detail and Chris brings that level of attentiveness to every bike that comes to Wide Open Throttle.

Afghanistan Campaign Medal

Clark Kirkendall is a pillar in the local biker community.  If you are a biker in Ventura, you most likely know him already.  Clark has three decades of experience in the motorcycle industry in Ventura.  He has worked at two independent motorcycle shops, a dealership, and a machine shop.  Clark provides experience and a comprehensive understanding of all things Harley-Davidson to Wide Open Throttle.  Good luck stumping Clark when it comes to Harley trivia.  Despite his extensive knowledge, Clark is always humble, Clark is also always looking to learn new things.  You can trust Clark to give you answers to your toughest motorcycle questions.

Claudia Raiti cooks…er works the books. (IRS: please note that was a joke)  She’s a wiz when it comes to anything related to accounting.  This go-getter is a staff accountant at a local nonprofit, she volunteers at the Ventura County Animal Shelter, plays roller derby in Camarillo,and she is active in the local chapter of The Litas .  All other times, she is helping Chris and Clark organize the shop and keep the records as tidy and efficient as only a German accountant can.  Claudia brings a lady’s touch to Wide Open Throttle and an international flare to our Saturdays.