Clean oil saves engines!

Oil change!  The quickest way to kill a motor is to run it without oil or with dirty oil.  Keep your motor oil clean by changing the oil and filter at least every 5,000 miles.  Enjoy a large selection of products for your bike’s lubrication needs.

Keep your engine parts slippery starting at your next oil change with our top brand lubricants like Harley-Davidson, Redline, Amsoil, BelRay, Drag Specialties, and Lucas Oil.

We will change your oil for $45 plus fluids, filters, and seals (o-rings).  Our in-house supply of everything needed to change the oil on most every model of Harley and many “clone bikes” means that we can take care of your bike quickly.   Often times, we can change your oil while you wait.   It is always best to call ahead to be sure that your wait time is minimal for your oil changes.

Do Not Skimp on Services

Remember that services on Harleys (and just about any other brand of motorcycles) require more than just swapping the oil and filter.  Be sure to ask about how often you should change your primary, transmission, brake, and fork fluids.  Our selections of lubricants, gaskets, and seals mean that we can service just about any model and year of Harley.  We strictly follow the Motor Company’s interval service checklist, so when you ask us to provide a 10,000 mile service on your bike, you know it will get done right!  Trust us for your regular services to keep away road gremlins and enjoy many happy, trouble-free miles.