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Enhancing Motorcycle Visibility: The Fixed Triangle of Lights Approach

One crucial aspect of motorcycle safety is ensuring visibility to other road users. A highly effective method to achieve this is by creating a fixed triangle of lights on your motorcycle, using quality lights like those from Baja Design and Custom Dynamics, both of which we proudly offer on our website.

What is the Fixed Triangle of Lights?

The fixed triangle of lights involves strategically placing lights to form a triangular shape on your motorcycle. This typically includes the headlight and two additional lights spaced apart at the sides. This arrangement aims to give your motorcycle a three-dimensional appearance, enhancing visibility and aiding other motorists in accurately judging your speed and distance.

Why Opt for Baja Design and Custom Dynamics Lights?

  1. Quality and Reliability: Baja Design and Custom Dynamics are renowned for their high-quality, durable lights. They provide the necessary brightness and longevity for effective motorcycle lighting.

  2. Versatility: Both brands offer a range of lighting options that can be used to create the ideal triangular setup, catering to different motorcycle models and personal preferences.

  3. Enhanced Safety: With their superior illumination, these lights significantly improve your motorcycle's visibility, making your rides safer, especially during night or in low-light conditions.

Setting Up the Triangle

  1. Select Your Lights: Choose from our range of Baja Design and Custom Dynamics lights. Consider factors like brightness, beam pattern, and how they will fit on your motorcycle.

  2. Position for Maximum Effect: Place the two auxiliary lights in a manner that aligns with your headlight to form a perfect triangle as viewed from the front.

  3. Ensure Legal Compliance: Always ensure that your lighting setup complies with local traffic laws.

  4. Professional Installation Recommended: For the best results and safety, we rcan install and adjust the lights on your bike for you. We will take the guesswork out of the installation.


The fixed triangle of lights is an innovative approach to improve motorcycle visibility on the road. By utilizing top-notch lights from Baja Design and Custom Dynamics, you can effectively enhance your safety while riding. This simple yet strategic setup increases your visibility, providing crucial information about your speed and distance to other motorists, thereby contributing to a safer riding experience for everyone.

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