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Safeguarding Your Phone on the Road: The Importance of Proper Mounting

Updated: Feb 26

Riding a motorcycle is an experience that combines freedom and excitement, but it also requires the right gear – not just for you, but for your gadgets as well. A common practice among riders is to mount their mobile phones on the handlebars for easy navigation or music control. However, this convenience comes with a risk: vibration damage to your phone.

Recently, both my iPhone and Claudia's iPhone suffered damage due to being mounted on the handlebars without adequate protection. The result was a malfunctioning gyro in the camera system, leading to a persistent buzzing noise whenever the camera was activated, and an inability to focus properly. This issue is not just annoying; it essentially renders the camera useless.

Here's a video demonstrating the malfunction caused by this issue.

The root cause of this problem is the intense vibration from the motorcycle. When phones are directly mounted to the handlebars without any form of vibration dampening, the delicate internal components, especially the gyroscopes in the camera, can be damaged.

After experiencing these issues, I switched to using a Quad Lock mount with a vibration dampener. This setup has proven to be a game-changer. The Quad Lock securely holds the phone in place, while the dampener significantly reduces the amount of vibration transmitted from the handlebars to the phone. Since making this switch, I’ve ridden extensively without any further damage to my phone.

Quad Lock Phone Mount - Motorcycle Accessory Store Ventura
Motorcycle Accessory: Quad Lock Phone Mount with Vibration Dampener

For those of you who enjoy having your phone mounted on your bike, it’s crucial to invest in a mount that offers vibration dampening. The upfront cost of a high-quality mount like the Quad Lock with a dampener is negligible compared to the expense and inconvenience of replacing or repairing a damaged smartphone. It’s a simple solution that ensures your phone stays safe, allowing you to focus on the road and enjoy your ride.

Remember, while the open road calls for adventure, it’s important to gear up wisely – and that includes your tech!

-Christopher Raiti

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